Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starring Only Nazri and His Son and Their Bitches


Womanizer Womanizer Womanizer Nazri Aziz, Don't Kill The Poor Woman you Hypocrite. If you are the Unidentified Woman in the pictures with Nazri, you must hide. Please, try to leave the country if you think he still remember your name. Hopefully you are one of many and he has no idea who you are or where you live. Because you are not the one that leaked the pictures because the camera phone belong to him. He is the one holding the phone, we all can see that. He was the one stupid enough to take the pictures and he is the one that lost them. The asshole was probably showing off to a poor girl his camera phone when they first arrive in Malaysia.

Don't know about Malaysia but in America when you are accused of adultery and you reply "no comment" it means you are guilty as hell
Nazri Aziz has yet to say he has been faithful to his wife and declare he is not the man pictured with an unidentified woman in several compromising position with the woman on top of him. For the honor of your wife and your own respect in the eyes of the nation you represent, prove it is not you and a mistress or a cheap whore. Why so salient? You are usually so out spoken on matters of morality. Hey Narzi, have you seen all the websites, forums and blogs because Malaysians are saying it is you in the pictures. You own people think you are a stupid man for taking pictures. What Nazri, what? Were you young and stupid when you took the pictures because they look like they were taken only a few years ago. Even UMNO party members are talking behind you back and they are not happy. Or look at your Wiki Biography, your honor is in question man. We know where your son gets it from because you are an awesome (sarcastically) Muslim.

The first picture show
Anak Nazri, Malaysia's number one drunk and the son of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz with his number one woman. The second and third pictures show Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz himself with his number two or three or number four woman assuming his wife is number one. LOL... Who knows the real ranking of the unidentified woman on top of Nazri Aziz in that bed? He may have hundreds for all we know. She might just be a random whore for all we know. Hopefully he himself is unable to identify her if she is just one of the random prostitute he visited over the years, or she might already be a dead woman.

The rest of the pictures show the younger and very lawless Nazri with his many girlfriends, his alcohol and his friends all enjoying the fantastic life of the elites in Malaysia. Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol, so be sure to take note of Anak Nazri with a glass of wine or a can of Heineken in his hand on several different occasions. These pictures would make for great evidence in a Syariah Court. Lets not even mention the lesbian kissing of his girlfriends for his viewing pleasure. The Nazri boy is a corrupting influence on his girls. But this Anak Nazri kid really know how to have fun, but if he is going to live like this he should reconsider his Islamic faith. Because he is breaking every law Muslim must live by. He seems to be the worse Muslim since Osama bin Laden. Lol, I joke I Joke.

Nice bitches! And they do whatever he want them to do.


  1. Is it true or false edit and etc. .

    If true nothing to say.because of money can make Muslim be similiar like 4 leg. .we hope everything can change this young man can be a good Muslim later. .

    Original Muslim not be like that. .

    1. Come back to reality brother... He's a human first, Muslim is just the facade

  2. Satuuuuuuu Malaysiaaaaaa......

  3. Tahniah kapada nazri aziz kerana mejayakan hidupnya sabagai romeo. Untong dapat ayah yang masuk umno jadi menteri. Nazri aziz sepatutnya bersyukur kapada ALLAH SWT kerana dapat ayah yang sayang nazri. Semoga nazri menguatkan/panjangkan zakarnya demi enjoy sepuas puasnya di masa akan datang AAMIIN.

  4. Don't blame a Muslim he should be enjoying it just like his father...

  5. Religion is for poor people to be manipulated. Rich enjoy their lives

  6. Disgusting. Should sent this footage to jais or jakim whatever the enforcement is called to open their eyes as to what is happening in a muslim country

  7. Hope you change your real life semoga dapat hidayah...